Music That Inspired Another Place on the Planet

Many writers write to music. I can’t do that. I need quiet or coffeehouse sounds to focus my thoughts. But that doesn’t mean that music doesn’t inspire my writing. It’s pretty amazing how the perfect album comes along just when I need. Read below about the music that inspired the story and characters of Another Place on the Planet.

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I happened upon X & Y by Coldplay about the time I was developing Charlie’s character. White Shadows sounded like the journey he was on and remains on for most of the trilogy. He has an idea of what he wants but doesn’t know what he has to give up to get it.


Maybe you get what you wanted
Maybe you stumbled upon it
Everything you ever wanted
In a permanent state

Maybe you’ll know when you see it
Maybe if you say it, you’ll mean it
And when you find it, you keep it
In a permanent state
A permanent state

He tried, but when he lost what he couldn’t replace, he gave up on himself.

Which is where Lily and “Fix You” come in because that’s what Lily wants to do for Charlie.

The whole album inspired Another Place on the Planet and really, all of Lilyland. I sang song after song on the way to and from work for I don’t know how many months. (When I find an album I love, I wear it out.) What If, Low, Swallowed in the Sea…well, here’s the whole thing, Coldplay’s X & Y for your listening enjoyment…

In Chapter 17, Lily’s relationship with Charlie suffers a setback at the swankiest of dinner parties. She finds an understanding ear in the person of Adrien Fulbert, a friend of Charlie’s and the foremost European director. He woos her into playing the piano, which she does well. As she plays and sings, she attracts a crowd of mostly men and an old dream of hers is fulfilled. I have her singing a song from the mid- 1950’s Now At Last, which was originally recorded by Blossom Dearie and more recently by Fiest. Both versions are lovely and perfectly captures Lily’s heartbreat at the moment.

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As promised, the…


Holy cats, these sound good!


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