Something I wish would go away

There’s this movie called The Human Centipede. The premise is completely disgusting and totally offensive. I won’t describe it here. I’m sure if you google it, plenty will come up. I suggest you don’t. It’s been haunting me ever since I came upon in Entertainment Weekly last summer. I’m hoping this rant will make it leave me alone.

When I first read the short article about it in EW, I wondered how anyone would think it was a good thing to make such a film. It exploits women horribly; I feel ashamed for the women who agreed to be in it and I don’t even know them. How desperate were they to be on screen?

I come across the title or DVD cover all the time. I was just on a screenwriting site that had a link to an article about it. The cover showed up in an ad on my facebook page and I tagged it “offensive”. It shows up on Netflix when I’m browsing Watch Instantly. My husband and I were at In N Out Burger the other night and people at a nearby table were talking about it. One of the women said she found it disgusting. Maybe I’m acutely sensitive to it because I find the concept so offensive that it pops out more easily than other film titles.

I wish it would go away. Better yet, I wish it was never made. And since it was, I wish that the external genitals of all involved would turn black and fall off.

I would love to know what you think.

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