My Elf Pen

I love pens. Even though I do most of my writing on the computer, I love writing implements. Along with other office supplies. Sometimes I wish I could set up a business just to buy all kind of colorful office supplies. At the beginning of the school year I used to buy an 8 pack of Pilot colored gel pens. Used to.

Years ago, my dear sister-in-law sent me one of her random and much beloved box of gifts. She knows what I like. One box contained a small pen that came with several ink refills. See the video (I had to use a flip cam and don’t know how to edit a snapshot). Anyway, a year or two ago, the ink finally ran out and I put in a refill and it didn’t work. Well, today I tried again, spit on the point and it worked. Go figure. Anyway, I’m happy to have my “elf” pen working again. It’s the little things.

2 thoughts on “My Elf Pen

  1. I have to agree it's the little things. I don't love pens as much as I love pencils, though. (I suppose it was because once a teacher told me that they would fail me if I continued to use pen!)

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