One more for 2010

I’m usually not sad to see a year go. I don’t think I’ve ever had a really good one. Maybe I’m too picky and set my expectations too high.

Lets’ see, 2010 bright spots:

I survived the 09/10 school year. Holy cats. I saw the gang/fighter girl from LA that we got in April in the office-in trouble and a bunch of names from last year in our team from last year show up on the Saturday school list. Make me feel better that my partner and I aren’t the only ones who couldn’t do anything with these lost children in a classroom setting.

Keith celebrated his second year at Wal-Mart.

I’m still in remission.

I finished my first novel except for some revisions.

Dull/dim/dark spots:

Keith totaled the car in Feb. But we did buy 96 olds cash so now we have no car payments so that’s okay

Our AC unit died and took the heat pump with it so now it’s really cold in the house. In Sept. it was really hot but we lived in the back of the house with window units.

I was told I really stink as a teacher (not in those words, or course) and if I don’t get better I’m out. More on that later.

Another health problem–BLOOD CLOTS dun dun duhhhnnnnn

A biggie-I messed up my contract when I signed it in ’09 and only got 23 pays and missed July’s mortgage and got more behind trying to live with their repayment plan…

And I had to take a pay cut (furlough days they call it). We’ll see what kind of pay cut I end up with at the end of this year…

Next time–hopes and dreams for 2011

1 thought on “One more for 2010

  1. Hi, Theresa, I saw your comment today on Rachelle Gardner's blog and thought I'd stop by. I'm searching for an agent on my first novel (which is completely unsuited for the CBA because of the sexual content/language, even though it's explicitly Christian in theme). When I read your comment, I thought we might be on the same page philosophically. Glad I came by, and I hope 2011 is a good year for you. Sorry there was so much discouragement in 2010.

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