Congratulations, Mrs. Munroe. It’s a Poet.

Without intending to, I gave birth to a poet or two. Of course, I wouldn’t have known how to go about creating a poet if I intended to.

Sarah is earning her MFA in Creative Writing and West Virginia University while working as a teaching assistant.

In honor of World Poetry Day, here are a few of Sarah’s poems I have access to online.

hands empty

By Sarah Munroe. All rights reserved.

sarah poem

By Sarah Munroe. All rights reserved.

My father leaves notes on napkins

By Sarah Munroe All rights reserved.

These from the former 3rd grader who rebelled against homeschool and wouldn’t write one paragraph about dolphins but as a 4th grader wrote a 16-page story for her public school teacher.

Sarah’s Tumblr blog is here. I think she gave up updating it when she met the love of her life and had other things to do. Plus, she’s not a huge fan of social media.

My son, Pete, is also a poet in the songwriting sense, even though he recently switched over to stand up comedy of the sort he doesn’t really want his parents to experience. Here’s his former band, Quatro Dedos for which he wrote most of the lyrics and did most of the lead vocals. Loud fast punk, not for the faint of heart.

quatro dedos cover

Quatro Dedos CD cover by Pete Munroe

My so-far unappreciated novels are not my only contribution to the literary world and the overall art production of the planet.

For things like World Caber Tossing day, however, I have nothing.

I would love to know what you think.

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