A Few Things I Want To Go Away In 2015

I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on the internet. When I’m writing, I’ll get on Facebook when I get stuck or need to think through a scene. Then I rabbit trail to articles by The Hollywood Reporter or Huffington Post or Distractify.

By the way, Distractify is a great name for that site.

By doing this, I see many unfortunate trends come and go. Or come and stay. Some have to go for good.

To be honest, some of these ideas come directly from the content fo my Facebook feed. I would use pictures from that, but I don’t want to offend my friends. Even though, if some of them decided to change their ways, I and other would be appreciative. But, still love you!

1. Hands on hips in photos.

Sure, placing your hands on your hips can be a powerful gesture in the right situation. but this thing got started when some actress, probably thought she had underarm fat. Which is okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person or not sexy or anything.

download (1)            images (3)

Now everybody does it. See, EVERYBODY.


2. Duck Lips.

I haven’t seen as much of this as before, but it’s still hanging on. Why did anyone ever think this was attractive?

duck lips    474

Even Mona Lisa fell into the trap at some point.

download   Of course, sometimes, we’re just caught on camera with our natural expression.

images (1)  Fortunately, these duck guys have fallen off in popularity on my FB feed.

image But this is cute:


3. Tongues.

Tongues are way worse than duck lips.Tongues were put inside for a reason. Even if you are Miley Cyrus or a wannabe.

download (2)

Why is her tongue that color? It looks like she has thrush. Triple EEEEWWWW!!!!

images (4) For crying out loud, Santa. What a way to wreck your image!

dpaphotos336814 Yes, tongues should stay in your mouth. Unless you can do this (only when asked!):

tongue twister    curled-tongue-1

Or you’re a little kid with a green tongue or a dog.

6a00d83451b06869e2011168927103970c-800wi images (5)

4. This news box on my Facebook page.

Capture It’s full of bad news, annoying news, or asshole news, as above, in that order. I haven’t figured out how to make it go away.

5. Modern uses of the word bitch.

This is a bitch.

images (7)

This is not a bitch.


I’m those things, but that doesn’t make me a bitch. Just because some people think thug-speak is cool doesn’t mean it’s okay to refer to all women as bitches. Assertive women aren’t bitches, either, unless assertive men are, too. Off course, a man means business while a woman is just bitchy, even when their goals are the same.

images (6) Because this is the thinking behind it:

bitches_aeb925_1838341  6. Of course, selfies.

images (8) images (12) images (13)  Yeah, you think you’re good looking. Or want the world to think you live a very exciting life. So what?

7. This will change your life.

Capture  Umm, probably not.

Those are a few things that I want to go away like The Ice Bucket Challenge went away. Like 2014 is going away. They were fine while They were here. Now it’s time to scat and make room for what’s next. For good or ill.

I hope some things that annoy you go away in 2015. And all the things and people you love stay. And some new great things come your way.

Happy New Year!

I would love to know what you think.

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