How Arizona Votes

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For most of my voting life, which was in Pennsylvania, I used the lever machine. I’d walk into a booth, pull a lever to close a curtain to keep your voting secret. Then, on a large ballot board, I’s press levers associated with the votes I wished to cast. My last presidential election there in 2004, voting in some places had elevated to computers. I used that once.

So, I was kind of floored when I walked into my Arizona polling place for the first time (not this year) and saw this:

Arizona voting booth-there’s a felt tipped pen in a well in the front to use

And a ballot that looks like this:

AZ ballot, side 2

Draw a line to complete the arrow to cast your vote.

And casting a vote by drawing a line to connect pieces of an arrow like this:


I think I actually laughed out loud.

I insert my completed ballot into a scanner:

Ballot goes into a scanner to be counted.

And I’m done. And I wonder for the millionth time if I’m living on another planet