A Little Wish Come True

Don’t you just love it when you get something you want in the way you want it?

A few weeks ago I was thinking I’d sure like a free Photoshop course. I like making my own book covers and little blurby advertisement things. I’ve been using GIMP for a few years. It’s a free program similar to photoshop, but a little bit clunky. But I can do a few things a lot more quickly than I used to, once I figured out a few basics. I made my book covers with GIMP, for what they’re worth.

Anyhoo, I’ve been getting email from Skillshare, an online company that offers classes in various media and creativity topics like typography and developing your brand and photojournalism. Last week they announced a free 5 class Photoshop course that runs until the end of March.

Sign me up!

I love free because no job.

I downloaded the free (again) 30 day trial of Photoshop.

After each class there’s a project to complete (if you want) to used the skill you learned. Here’s the first thing I did that I didn’t really like.

circle cones

Circle Cones

A bowl of sherbet inspired me to this, which I like a lot:

ice cream2

Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry

I submitted that for the project. The one below I just kept the little girl theme going for fun.

Blue House

Blue House

I’ve always been pretty good with a pencil and like to draw. Photoshop, if you haven’t used it, is based on layers, with almost every part of the image being on a new layer. The girl’s face is actually an oval with a rounded rectangle on top of it, all skillfully layered under the window sill and the bottom part of the house. The curtains are two large ovals and two large triangles layered under the blue on either side of the window. I trust thinking in this new way is good for my brain.

So, in between job applications and working on book three, I’ve been messing around with Photoshop and learning some new skills.

A little wish come true.

What’s a little wish that came true for you recently?