It’s been a while…

A long while. Two and a half years to be almost exact.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything. Writing. Becoming famous for writing sex scenes in my Zoom writing group (a life and sanity saver and a silver lining in the pandemic.) I’ve been following the news, raging at the news, sighing and crying at the news. Avoiding humanity (always a favorite activity.) Binge-watching The Blacklist, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bones. Among others.

Occasionally I would have a thought that might have made a great blog post. But since I don’t sit down right then and write it out, such thoughts wither and die.

Mostly it was okay. My husband worked through the pandemic so we didn’t suffer much there. The past six months have been kind of rough.

Sarcastic coloring book!

I was hospitalized with an infection for 8 (!) days in October.

Our daughter came to visit (Yay!) and got here in time to get covid with us. We’re all vaxxed so it was mild for all of us. We’re pretty sure my husband brought it home from work.

My husband had his job taken away from him a month before he planned to retire.

My beloved cat Twitch died. He’s the cat in the header.

My beloved father-in-law died.

We’re dealing with Social Security and medicare. Boo-yay.

I have a pretty exciting publishing year ahead of me. If I can manage to pull it off. More on that later.

Plenty of room on the struggle bus!