I’m An Indie Author!

First published on 3/1/12

I decided to call myself and indie author instead of self-published. Indie puts one in the same circles as indie filmmakers and musicians. Those folks are viewed as adventurous and risk-takers, and buckers of the system. They have the aura of mystique and are held in awe by anyone who ever wished they could break out of the mold.We all put our vision into the medium we love or can use the best, then spend a lot of our own time and our own money to get it out into the world.

Some of us go to school to learn to do what we love, others learn as we go. We learn the rules and break them when it makes sense to us. We talk to others who do the same thing. We form friendships and networks in real life and on the internet. We share experiences and tips and resources and encouragement.

Fans of indie artists want to be ones who “knew him when he published his first book online,” or, “saw their show at a little pub years before they signed with that big record label.” (I don’t even know what big record labels there are anymore!) Or, “I saw her first film at the local film festival and stayed for the question and answer part.”

Sometimes fans of indies want their discoveries to stay indie, to not sell out to the labels and studios and publishers. I imagine most indies want to get noticed by some big entity so we can do what we love full time and have someone else manage the business end while we do the creative part. And I suppose a lot of us hope someday we can have the money that goes with being on the top of the heap.

Most of us know that probably won’t happen. That we’ll labor in obscurity, doing what we love. But some people get noticed and get that lucky break or know how to put themselves in front to the right people at the right time and place. They work hard and have everything in place and are ready.

I’ve never been happy doing things the same way as most people. Maybe that’s just because I never really figured out how! I’m proud to be indie and proud of my friends who are.

Now, back to work to get ready for that lucky break…

I would love to know what you think.

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