I Want to Be Ready

I’ve had a busy writer week. Wish it was a busy selling week, but…

Here’s some things I did or that happened:

  • My interview was featured on a friend’s blog here.
  • I opened a Tweetdeck account, the usefulness thereof is still to be discovered.
  • As of this writing, I am 5 away from 300 Twitter followers. I’ve gained a bunche since I announced there I’m an indie author.
  • My book is scheduled to be featured here on Tuesday, 4/30.
  • I have liked/friended several authors.
  • I set up a meeting with Youngtown’s library manager to discuss writing programs for children and adults this summer.
  • I’m in contact with a wonderful woman who is helping me with research for What Doesn’t Kill You.
  • I made some nice progress on WDKY.
  • Added pictures to website and this blog. (I’m getting better at basic image manipulation!)

I don’t know where any of this is leading, if indeed anywhere. I read a blog this week–wish I’d saved it–by a man who was achieving what he wanted. He said he was ready when it happened because he kept working on it.

I want to be ready.



Holy cats! My brain is smoking. Since yesterday, I formatted my novel, Another Place on the Planet, uploaded the PDF and revised cover to CreateSpace for a new proof. I messed up somehow and think I have to do the proof thing again. I formatted a friend’s novel over the weekend and went to her place to submit it to Snowfall Press where she wants to publish and print. Today, I formatted Another Place for Smashwords and got it there for purchase. Hopefully it can go in their premium collection right away. Also, set up a website with my bush league neophyte skills on Google sites. Signed up for Goodreads, made a new author friend there…anything else? Maybe. Maybe tomorrow, I can actually write… This business to sell gets in the was of generating products to sell! Maybe one day I can hire it out. Even though I do like doing it. I think.