Today’s Mail

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to the mail arriving, always hoping for that surprise check. Or even a letter. When’s the last time you got a real letter?

Here’s what came today:

APS (electricity) bill.
I saw this online yesterday. Less than half of last month’s, less than a third of the highest summer bill. Yay!

Postal Service Holiday Mailing Guide-which reminds I want to go through the Christmas stuff and find the ornaments I made over the years and send some to the kids. Been meaning to do that for only years.

Reminder post card from Youngtown Car Care-to get our oil changed. I love that place-for a garage that is. Last time I needed car service the owner’s wife took me home after I dropped the car off, then picked me up to bring it back home because we only have one car. And it was only a $40 job. Gotta love customer service like that!

L.L. Bean Christmas Catalog. I like ordering from them. Except it’s hard because the clothes are made for cold weather which we don’t get the likes of here. But I like the pictures on the cover. This one has a winter scene with a family cross-country skiing.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts flyer. I used to sew and craft all the time. I need to get back to it. Make some new ornaments this year. It’s not like I don’t have the time!

What did you get in the mail today?

How Arizona Votes

Please excuse the formatting. WordPress and I have not reached a complete understanding of each other.

For most of my voting life, which was in Pennsylvania, I used the lever machine. I’d walk into a booth, pull a lever to close a curtain to keep your voting secret. Then, on a large ballot board, I’s press levers associated with the votes I wished to cast. My last presidential election there in 2004, voting in some places had elevated to computers. I used that once.

So, I was kind of floored when I walked into my Arizona polling place for the first time (not this year) and saw this:

Arizona voting booth-there’s a felt tipped pen in a well in the front to use

And a ballot that looks like this:

AZ ballot, side 2

Draw a line to complete the arrow to cast your vote.

And casting a vote by drawing a line to connect pieces of an arrow like this:


I think I actually laughed out loud.

I insert my completed ballot into a scanner:

Ballot goes into a scanner to be counted.

And I’m done. And I wonder for the millionth time if I’m living on another planet