Is It Pre-pub Jitters or Just My Brain on Overload?

Too much to do! I can’t think! Oh no! Oh My God! What to do next? covers? Final read-through? Look for promo sites? Write long and short blurbs and back cover copy? How do I get a email newsletter sign-up on my blog?

I don’t know!


Ugh. That was my brain exploding. If a piece landed on you, please send it back. I need it.

I’m getting ready to publish Places Bright and Dark, book 2 of Lilyland. It seems like it’s taken forever to get this far, but not as forever as the first book. Like the week before opening night of a play, it’s crazy-town. So much to do! Will it ever get done?

Of course it will. And unlike opening night, there’s no set time. I have time to stitch on that last bit of lace that will make that Shakespearean costume complete, time to sweep the stage, clean the house toilets and vacuum the green room. Unlike a curtain that doesn’t rise on time, no one will notice my book didn’t come out.

Because I didn’t set an exact date. Bwahahahaha!

And even then…

But I do have a few fans waiting. They politely remind they are. And that is so nice!

Give my cover ideas a look. Here’s the blurb:

Lilyland book 2, Places Bright and Dark: Lily’s fairy tale continues when she and Charlie marry. He flourishes in recovery from sex addiction and their business, film and personal projects thrive. Even though the 12 Steps and service to the program and other addicts are a huge part of everyday life, Lily is grateful for the stability and friendships she’s gained from attending co-addict meetings at the same time as Charlie’s Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings. They’re surrounded by supportive friends and healed family relationships.

But the fairy tale gets real, and challenges have a domino effect on Charlie’s sobriety. Each episode of his acting out sexually—or is he simply making his same old choices?—wears on Lily’s heart, soul and determination to love him, no matter what. Remembering the dark end of her first marriage, Lily has to make her own choices in order to preserve the bright places she regained during her good years with the wounded Charlie.

Here are cover ideas…so far. The final one will be tweaked with more info and a few finishing touches. Comment here or on Facebook with your vote! Thanks!

bk2 blue


bk2 gray with black computer


bk2 gray with striped shirt


bk2 maroon


blue not gray


sheets blue


I would love to know what you think.

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