I feel like spending this entire post telling you what a bad blogger I am and that I should be one of those authors that DOESN’T blog. Or I feel like I could spend a few thousand words complaining about life in general because that would be so easy right now. But nobody like a whiner.

The past few weeks, I will say, I spent with bad allergies. Or a cold. Or both. And I felt pretty yucky.I think that’s mostly over and my head is mostly filled with my brains again and not mucous. So that’s a good thing.

I expect to finish up the first complete Draft of Place Bright and Dark by Oct. 31. It’s like 93,000 words now and I the big climax events to go. Then, I’ll let it sit through November while I write my NaNo project, Potholes. When I come back and reread PBD, I’ll have to chose the major themes and events. So that’s a good thing.

And being the bad blogger I am, I leave you with that. I need to get moving, go somewhere, get away from the house, maybe find a part with an outlet so I can enjoy this fine desert autumn day.


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