NaNoWriMo is really what started me on the road to writing insanity. I had dabbled in writing a YA book back  in ’05-’06 but gave it up to move across the country. In 2008, I succumbed to my sister-in-law’s annual naggings to do NaNo. “Nonsense!” I said earlier, thinking only crazy people intent on avoiding reality would try to write 50,000 words in a month. Well, intent on avoiding reality fits me to the T. At last, I caved in and wrote 61,000 mostly respectable words that November. I wish I could say it resulted in a best-selling novel–but not yet.

Once again, in 2012, I’m planning on joining over 200,000 like-minded crazies world-wide and will be writing a rough draft for a romance novel with the working title, “Potholes.” Unlike other years, I have done a little planning so far and will do some more before Nov. 1. IN order to do that, I must complete the first draft of the Place Bright and Dark, the sequel to Another Place on the Planet. Then, hopefully, Lily and Charlie will stay put away so I can focus on Lorna for November.

I’m co-municipal liaison for the Phoenix area, which means I help co-ordinate get-togethers for NaNoWriMo season. Fortunately, my co-ML, Angela is much better at it than I am and has lots of events planned.

Do you have a novel in you waiting to bust out? Sign up at Add azteri as your writing buddy–that’s me and let me know here. I’ll pep talk you through it!


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