My little secret

In the last episode of Hoarders, a woman had a huge collection of pots that was hidden amongst all the other stuff. She hadn’t cooked in 30 years and wasn’t planning to any time soon. But she was reluctant to give any away. That was her secret. Mine’s a little bit more juicy.

Worth driving an hour for? Yup.

Once in a great while–well, the last time was probably a year ago–I take on this great trek. This huge adventure. (This is how tiny my life is) And go all the way to Scottsdale to see a movie. An indie movie that will probably never make it to one of a dozen cineplexes within 15 miles of my house. That’s a topic for a whole other post. The Harkins Camelback 5 is about an hour away, 50 minutes if traffic isn’t bad. I shouldn’t complain. In PA we had to drive that long to see regular movies. I didn’t even know indie movies existed.

Anyway, what makes this secret special this time is that I saw my first NC-17 flick. Shame. It earned that rating because of full frontal male nudity. Michael Fassbender’s bad boy was exposed for all to see as his character got out of bed in the morning, went to the kitchen and back. That was shown twice. Just kind of hanging there like they do most of the time, I guess.

That’s not why I went to see Shame though. I got one of those at home on my husband, even though not as well enodowed. I think. Of course, there is a 20+ year age difference. Anyway, I went for research for my novels. The main character in Shame, Brandon, has a major addiction to sex. So does Charlie, my main character’s love interest. I don’t think Charlie is quite as advanced as Brandon. If he is, I don’t know about it and neither does Lily, my MC. Maybe I’ll make the movie itself another post. It was eye opening for someone like me, not that I’m the most virtuous creature to walk the earth. Well, I have been since I got married almost 29 years ago. That WON’T be a topic of another post.

I made 3 treks there so far, two without my husband. Oooo. For some reason I have guilt about that. but not that much. I like some kinds of movies he doesn’t. He would not have liked this one, being mostly Baptist in his heart and soul. Dear man.

So, that’s my secret. Awful, huh? Now that I outed it, I need to find another. Any suggestions?

I would love to know what you think.

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