It’s been forever since I posted. Well, just over two months. Forever in blog time!

My gig with Harvard is done on Wednesday. I never had the of say I work/ed for Harvard University, but now I can say I have. Wish they would pay me! I’m working with great women of various backgrounds. We’ve sat around and chatted over lunch for the past four weeks. Today, one told me about a fabric store in Phoenix I’d never heard of. Hope to check it out on Weds. after work. Can’t buy anything, but… But the job has been good–getting out, seeing cute kids who are well behaved one-on-one…

Really have to look for a full time job soon. But I want a job I love and can do well and feel good and passionate about. I want to write fulltime.

I could gripe about Unemployment, but I’ll spare you.

I like to think I’m almost finished with Another Place on the Planet! I’m at the end, but I threw those pages together quickly. It was the end of my teaching career and I couldn’t think so I just came up with things and said I’s clean it up later. So that’s what I’m doing, cleaning up. Buy the end of the month…

But I got myself into being a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo so that will take time, but I’ll get to meet people and that’s what I want. Maybe it will look good on a resume-recent volunteer work.

All brothers and sister will be in town this weekend. Mom wanted a family reunion. I’m having an issue (in my head and heart) about my brother but I can’t go into it because I should hash it out with him instead of putting in in my blog. I need the Lord to change my heart about it, be less judgmental, more supportive. What’s done can’t be undone, but I hope he learns to live honestly. His telling us he was living one way then it comes out he wasn’t, that’s what burns my grits.

I miss choosing several pumpkins at Hoover’s farm  market!

I hope we get the rain we need to change the temperature. I’m tired of hot. It’s been less hot but I want warm/cool. I want fall!

I would love to know what you think.

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