Another Attempt at Social Networking

This is my third attempt at keeping a blog. As I study the craft of writing in the 21st century, I have learned writers should have a platform where people can go check them out. I’m not ready for a full fledged website yet. Maybe when I have published books and can afford an assistant to keep it up for me. Or maybe next summer when I have time again.

Social networking is how most of us live today. Even little known me has 116 (and counting) friends on Facebook. I didn’t know I knew that many people. Some are cousins I met once when they were babies, if even then. A few are people I went to high school with (35 years ago). I find it quite amazing. It used to be face time was the only time with a person, excepting the telephone.

I know, I sound old, and that’s why it’s so amazing to me.

I mean, I grew up when You had to dial a phone. Your finger could get tired if the number had a lot of 9s and 0s in it. It was connected to a wall with a wire (well, landlines still are) and the hand set was connected to the phone with a curly wire that was always tangled up in itself. It had a mechanical bell in it to announce someone was calling you. It didn’t play your favorite song or choice of cheesy ringtone because like me, you’re too cheap to buy your favorite song as a ring tone. Or however you do that. I’m not that advanced. You could hit your brother on the head with it and render him unconscious so he’s forget to tell your mom you were talking to that guy you were forbidden to talk to. Well, I never did that. If i remember correctly I talked to zero (O) boys on the phone in high school.

We were watching The Taking of Pelham 123 (the 2009 version, I think it was a remake. Not my usual thing but I do love Denzel Washington). Anyway, the landline had a cord, one of the curly ones, i was surprised to see. The only one if those I use is in my classroom. I had a cordless one until someone jacked it. I dislike the curly cords.

And I digressed.

Here’s a link that got me thinking I should get my blog rolling:


Dang, that’s long. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to type it in?

Speaking of social networks, here’s a link to the trailer for The Social Network, a movie about the originators of Facebook.

What do you think about 21st century social networking?

I would love to know what you think.

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